Group Rides Restart!

The NCCC Board has decided to post scheduled group rides starting the week of Nov 9th. These group rides will have restrictions, in order to ensure riders’ health as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Please read the new NCCC COVID-19 Rules before you decide to ride. They are designed to keep you and your fellow NCCC friends safe and healthy. Ride leaders will provide waivers that must be signed the first time you join in for the restart. You can save time by downloading the waiver here, filling it in, printing and signing and bringing it to that first ride.

As promised, all memberships have been extended about 8 months (243 days to be precise) to account for the time that club activities were completely dormant. You can check your new expiration date by logging into your membership account by clicking here. OR, if you want an accurate NCCC Membership Card, you can create  one with the new expiration date by clicking here. Feel free to contact if you have questions about your new expiration date.