April Restart!

With the improving Covid situation, including the end of lockdown and the opening of many sports activities, North County Cycle Club is also planning to restart rides from April 3rd. Hopefully this time it will be permanent!

Roadie and Clipper (formerly Cruiser) rides will start from Saturday April 3rd and Roadie Sunday rides from April 11th.

The billing holiday was extended to April 1, 2021. You may start seeing renewal notifications from now on. 

We must recognize that Covid-19 is not defeated and we need to take precautions. All members old and new are required to bring a completed, signed copy of the revised Liability Waiver to the start of your first ride. 

There are also revised ‘Rules for Riders’ you will need to review and follow. The rules in short are: skip if you are feeling sick, bring a mask, no spitting, and keep your distance at stops. Please follow the new guidelines, be considerate of others, exercise due caution, and follow directions from your ride leaders.

We hope to see you on the road soon!