NCCC Rider Survey

NCCC Rider Survey Spring 2018: Conclusions and Action points

About 50% of members responded, 97 out of about 200. Average membership was 7.3 years and the median 5 years.

CRUISERS: very satisfied or satisfied 95%.
Strong points: welcoming to new riders, well organized, friendly and good cooperation. 
Suggestions to improve: (actions in italics)

  • More ride leaders (done; 4 new qualified)
  • Shorter rides on Wednesday: we will ask Cruisers for clarification. Obviously those who ride are happy with distance,usually 24‐28 miles.
  • Define Cruiser ride length and stick to it; should always be “no drop” (Done. “No Drop” definition is posted on theCruiser web page). Distance remark is unclear – rides are always posted in advance and do vary from about 36 to 45miles on Saturdays with very rare exceptions
  • Start earlier on Saturdays to interact with Roadies: a slight majority of riders elected for an 08:30 winter start. Wewill switch back to 8 am in summer.
  • More consistency riding in traffic: ride leaders need to work on this.
  • Could be friendlier to newcomers: we must have slipped up here because our new recruits always mention thefriendly welcome as a reason to join. Apologies if we failed anyone.

ROADIES: very satisfied or satisfied 90%.
Strong points: nice group, nice pace, supportive, welcoming. 
Suggestions to improve:

  • Why not have A and B groups? It was too much for me so I quit riding with the club. A bit intimidating
  • Fast riders split the group and everyone takes off in different directions
  • Have a more consistent mileage from week to week (e.g., 40 miles)
  • No discipline/training amongst the riders

LONG RIDERS: very satisfied or satisfied 83%.
Strong points: great leaders, great rides. 
Suggestions to improve:

  • Vary the starting points to get more riders
  • Start out slower so everyone warms up
  • Have A and B groups
  • Too fast; no regroups; people get left in the dust; Too race‐oriented, wheel chasing rides
  • Would prefer to avoid the coast, & the 56 bike pathSUNDAY RIDERS: very satisfied or satisfied 64%. Strong points: cohesive group, variety of rides and starting venues. Suggestions to improve:
  • Have one faster paced and one slower paced ride
  • Rides have splintered and the route completely altered
  • Try a 50‐mile flattish ride with a stop for coffee
  • Too fast
  • Get back to a more social ride


There appears to be a demand for A and B groups in all except Cruisers and also a need to keep the groups better together, which might be solved with A and B groups. But this would require more ride leaders: are these available, can they be developed?

Ride leaders should advise those who are slower or faster than their group’s average to try another club section which may suit them better. Introduce them to the other group.

PARTIES: 78% want to continue the Holiday party and 73% the July 4th party. OTHER:

  1. Joint rides with all groups – perhaps 4th July. Maybe same starting place, same meet up places but different routes? Put all ride leaders in front to control pace.
  2. Clarify insurance benefit – Done, see web site, Members, Club Insurance
  3. Involve riders more in running club – Board would really appreciate additional volunteers and ride leaders shouldpromote this.
  4. How to lead and plan rides: action for ride leaders.
  5. Safe riding
  6. Maintenance, tire fixing
  7. Shorter Sunday ride / Cruiser Sunday ride
  8. Evening rides


Ride leaders to review and take action where necessary..