Call for Board Candidates

Each year club members elect Board members, one third in even numbered years and two thirds in odd numbered years. For 2023, three members continue to serve and up to six members will be elected for a two year term starting in January 2023.

This is a call for candidates who are interested to serve on the NCCC Board and take part in steering the direction of the club. New people, new ideas, new events are always welcome; a chance to turn your ideas into reality.

If you have enjoyed being a club member for a number of years or even joined recently, we urge you to consider serving your club and your fellow members. The Board takes care of operations, legal and financial affairs, rules and most especially social events.

There are four Board meetings a year, usually on a weekday evening held in convivial surroundings.

Members elect the Board and the Board elects its officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary; other Board members (at-large) manage our web site, organize social events and manage our club kit. All candidates must be generally willing to take on specific tasks.

You can nominate yourself or you can nominate another member. Please ask them first. You may like to prepare a candidacy statement, which will be included in the voting form.

Nominations will close on December 24. Voting will be from January 2 to January 21. An online voting ballot will be sent to each member allowing one vote per member. Results will be declared on January 25.

E-mail your candidate nomination(s) to current NCCC Secretary Kathy at

Your chance to serve your friends, yourself, your club,