Clipper rides are always no drop and average speeds are a little slower than the Roadies, although there is probably some overlap between slower Roadies and faster Clippers. There may be a variety of speeds within the group but there are frequent regroups, particularly after climbs, to keep the group together. We count heads and stop for flats.

Clipper rides are typically average speeds of 12-14 mph, with plenty of adventure, safe routes, and a rest stop halfway. Saturday rides are about 40 miles, sometimes longer.

Wednesday rides are 20-25 miles. Join us for coffee / tea after both the Wednesday and Saturday rides.

Make sure your bike is roadworthy; carry a spare tube. Helmet and drink bottles required. AND lots of enthusiasm.

Meet at OCRR (Restaurant Row – San Marcos), 1020 W San Marcos Blvd. San Marcos, unless otherwise noted.

Always check the Forum > Club Rides & Events for any last minute updates.

All new and guest riders must sign the NCCC Liability Waiver and are expected to follow the NCCC Rules of Etiquette. Also of interest is this article on Info for Group Riding. Helmets are required on all rides. E-bikes are welcome but please read our e-bike policy. Mountain bicycles are not recommended for these road surface rides.

Contact information for ride leaders can be found on the ride leader page.

Please take note of route mileage and know your limits… These are No Drop Rides, but if you are unable to complete the ride, you will have to plan for someone to pick you up at your location.

Wednesday Rides

Average speed 12-14 mph. Rides start at 8:30 a.m., from OCRR unless noted.

May 3: Elfin Forest-Escondido-Borden
26mi / 1499′ — route map
Ride Leader: Frank Ryan

May 10: Alga to S Ponto Beach, return Quail Gdns, RSF
24.5mi / 2141′ — route map
Ride Leader: Norval Lyon

May 17: Vista, BikePath, Oceanside, train back or ride home
21.9mi / 604′ — route map
Ride Leader: Frank Ryan

May 24: Faraday, Cannon, Lake with Hemmingway short option
25.8mi / 2139′ — route map
Ride Leader: Tom Corrigan

May 31: Carlsbad, Mission & Bike Path
25.2mi / 778′ — route map
Start @ Garfield St, Magee Park, Carlsbad
Ride Leader: Frank Ryan

Jun 7: Del Dios, Lake Hodges Visitor Center
26mi / 1532′ — route map
Ride Leader: Norval Lyon

Saturday Rides

Average speed 12-14 mph. Rides start at 8:30 a.m., from OCRR unless noted.

May 6: Carmel Valley, 56 BP, Fairbanks Ranch
ALTERNATE START: Encinitas Train Station
43mi / 2000′ — route map
Ride Leader: Ken Chin-Purcell

May 13: Elves and Legos
41mi / 2480′ — route map
Ride Leader: Marjorie Stine

May 20: Wandering Esco 6
41mi / 2300′ — route map
Ride Leader: TBD

May 27: Circle R down Old Castle
38mi / 2400′ — route map
Ride Leader: Marjorie Stine

Jun 3: Elves and Bears
40mi / 2200′ — route map
Ride Leader: Bill Heidler


Don’t forget your WATER BOTTLES and SNACK