burtoliniLaCresta  Burt rests while Sean repairs flat on Wed, May 6, "Pete ride" - 50 miles and >6,000 ft climbing at this point. Look at the gears required for Sandia Creek wall, the infamous Los Gatos, and La Cresta loop. BA-0502-13461  Frank and Phyllis at start of Breathless Agony - 12,000 ft of climbing to go! Tandem view of road ahead  Beautiful Backroads Century, held every September outside of Atlanta Aurora Cycling Group Sunday  Gathering for the Virginia-Highlands Sunday morning ride, with routes through all parts of central Atlanta
Century Rest Stop. Playing Sweet Home Alabama (whatelse)  Rest stop entertainment on the Beautiful Backroads Century ride Georgia Rides To The Capitol  Advocating at the Georgia State Capitol for cyclist rights, on a very cold morning Old barns here  Typical scenery on a Georgia ride Old barns there  Old barns everywhere in Georgia
Peaches Tandem Group  The "Peaches" Tandem Club in Atlanta Roswell Gang  Saturday2  Michael & Nancy with the Bike Roswell group IMGP0001 IMGP0002
IMGP0003 BillAndPhyllisAtOnyx BillAndPhyllisAtOnyx2 frankAtOnyx2
frankAtStart2 fredrickAtOnyx2 grahamAtOnyx2 PhyllisAtOnyx
phyllisAtStart2 DSC01344  Lance's bike from TDF DSC01049  Dee and Maria crossing the Rio Grande 0502091223a  Dee and Maria in east Texas
losgatos2 LosGatos LastTuesdayNightRide  Tuesday Night Ride gang: Hilda, Alex, Sue, Dan, Jill, Karl, Jeff, Ron, Sean celebrate the last ride in dwindling daylight.