2011 Pie Ride

pieRide 01  Before. See how clean, dry and shiny everyone (and their bikes) are? pieRide 02  A cold but dry start in Escondido heading toward Valley Center. pieRide 03  Anthony, not yet regretting the day. pieRide 05  Steve cresting our first cat 3.
pieRide 06  Nerius pieRide 07  Sean summits. pieRide 04  Wade and Ursula, our early leaders, at the top of the Valley Center grade. pieRide 08  Cruising along Lake Wohlford Road, with no idea of what lies ahead.
pieRide 09  Do those clouds look like snow to you? Me either! pieRide 10  Nerius enjoying the cooling effect of taking his helmet off climbing out of Rincon on hwy 76. pieRide 11  Hmmm. Looks a little grim up there . . . Ursula on 76 before the fateful turn up the South Grade. pieRide 14  Anthony approaches the turn . . .
pieRide 12  Ursula, Anthony and Nerius start the climb up South Grade. pieRide 13  Still dry, but that would change. pieRide 15  And gives it a go! pieRide 16  Sean and Steve approach. This is the last we saw of Sean, who opted out of the climb of Palomar, slogged solo through Mesa Grande, and called for a pick-up from Santa Ysabel. Who's the smart one?
pieRide 17  Steve making his way into up South Grade. pieRide 18  Suffering? Not yet! pieRide 19  Anthony actually stopped in the snow to glove up. I was too cold to stop! pieRide 20  See the snow? It looked like a Christmas card from inside Mother's Kitchen.
pieRide 21  Steve carefully descending Mesa Grande. pieRide 22  Mmmm. Wet chamois at Santa Ysabel. Stepping back outside for another two hours was one of the bravest things I have ever done. pieRide 23  Dutch apple pie and hot coffee - thanks Nerius! pieRide 24  Look - the sun came out again! We made it! ! Let's do it again in March!!