tireNailed  The nail sticking out of the tire.  A perfect shot. anthonyFixes  Here's a picture of Anthony fixing the tire.  Or just looking at it while the rest of us look at him. rimshot  And finally, a picture of the nail hole in the rim.  The new rim with only 50 miles on it. 4 Women of the Apocolypse
Best tunnel Out of the tunnel Troy in the tunnel barrio-logan
img-1593 img-1596 img-1597 img-1598
img-1601 img-1604 img-1605 img-1606
img-1607 img-1608 img-1610 img-1613
img-1616 img-1618 img-1619 img-1622
img-1623 img-1624 img-1625 img-1630
SolvangDoubleLunch  Lunch at mile 113, Solvang Double. Anthony (32mph) Smith, Evelyn (podiium) Marshall, Jim (strong wiseman) Wisener,  Karl (on the rivet) Rudnick.  John Hopkins an hour+ up the road. AlanTroy Judy Bathroom break Burt
Dale IMG 0972 IMG 0975 IMG 0976
IMG 0977 IMG 0978 Jim Kelly1
Kelly2 Kelly3 Lead group Lunch
Peet's1 Peet's5 Peloton Shopper
DSCF6032-1  Sun 2/26 7am. 15 riders off to Lake Henshaw (80) and Borrego (140) DSCF6040  Steve - "Do I really want to do this?" DSCF6041  The 80-milers are looking smug DSCF6036  Jeff's almost ready to roll.
DSCF6037  Head em up and move em out. DSCF6039  Veterans of the 140 mi grind DSCF6048  Haven't done this in seven years. You're about to find out why. DSCF6050-1  ready, set, go...
RanchitYetiMeetsNCCC  Ranchita, mile 80/140. Done with Montezuma. 12,000' elev for the day. Steve, Tony, Karl, Evelyn, Anthony, John, Nerius, Lee, Sewook Ben, more dancing  Sam visits - Thurs Feb 23 La Jolla Cove 01 Nerius up Highland Valley  Presidents Day (off) - Nerius ascends Highland Valley
02 Get your horn ready  Presidents Day at Black Canyon - about to descend to the historic bridge. 03 Isaac found a new road  Isaac had Presidents Day off, too. 04 Nerius and Isaac head up Black Canyon  Black Canyon was as smooth as it can be. Uphill is the way to go. 02-12-2012-01
02-12-2012-02 02-12-2012-03 02-12-2012-04 02-12-2012-05
02-12-201-06 02-12-2012-07 02-12-2012-08 02-12-2012-09
02-12-2012-10 02-12-2012-11 02-12-2012-12 02-12-2012-13
02-12-2012-14 02-12-2012-15 01-2012-02-04 02-2012-02-04
03-2012-02-04 04-2012-02-04 05-2012-02-04 06-2012-02-04
07-2012-02-04 08-2012-02-04 JeffGross  Ride leader Jeff Gross in Bonsall AtTheCove  At the Cove, Thurs, Feb 2
DrDan  Dr. Dan goes back to class Las Pulgas Group 1 Las Pulgas Group 2 Las Pulgas Group 3
At Dana Point  Looking at the ocean DanaPoint2  Looking at the ocean #2, except track-stand Nerius Judy-s kiss Peet-s1
Peet-s2 Peet-s3 Peet-s5 Swami-s 1
Swami-s1 camino-del-rey DescendingOlive heading-to-champagne
Las Pulgas 4-22-12 left-turn-ugly Mesa climb x264 MorroHills x264
north-river-rd old-bonsall-bridge old-river-rd stopping
Buddy Todd Park x264  Sat Feb 25 - Buddy Todd Park Jeff swings over the Mesa wall x264  Jeff - Sat Feb 25 OFR 2-23-2012 x264  Thurs Feb 23 TopTwinOaks
02-12-2011-01 02-12-2011-02 02-12-2011-03 02-12-2011-04
02-12-2011-05 02-12-2011-06 02-12-2011-07 02-12-2011-08
02-12-2011-09 02-12-2011-10 02-12-2011-11 02-12-2011-12
02-12-2011-13 02-12-2011-14 02-12-2011-15 Climbing out of the fog