2014 April TS 101

TS 101 diplomas for 5 Cruisers and 2 Roadies
IMG 4664  Howard to Karl - "Make the computer work!" : Karl Rudnick IMG 4665  NCCC Cruisers Debbie Funderburk, Michelle Saint-Germain, Kelly McEniry, Norval Lyon IMG 4666  Lights are not only safe but cool IMG 4673  Instructors Karl Rudnick, Darrell Steele, Howard LaGrange, Pete Penseyres, Ed Santos
IMG 4676  Cruisers get ready for the Road Session - Michelle gets a caffeine fix IMG 4677  Kelly fixes flat while Ed watches carefully IMG 4679  Norval fixes flat - "Do I really have to do this?" IMG 4678  Michelle - only one flat in 20,000 miles. Gets second one in class :-(
IMG 4682  Howard "How do you start?" Pete and Diana Wennerstrom team up for the road session. IMG 4683  TS 101 Road Skills IMG 4684  Howard demonstrates "the weave" IMG 4702  Howard, Pete, Karl
IMG 4703  Ed  and NCCC Larry Pickering TS 101 - May 3, 2014  1  TS 101 diplomas for Cruisers Kelly, Michelle, Peg(#2), Debbie, Norval. Congratulations!