2015 Border 2 Border

Border2BorderGang  Border 2 Border Gang UnpackingBikes  Unpacking the bikes WhidbeyIslandFerry  Whidbey Island Ferry CafeCathlametWA  Cafe in Cathlamet, WA
CathlametAfterLunch  Cathlamet after lunch ;( PicnicOceansideOregon  Picnic in Oceanside, Oregon LincolnCountyCoast  Lincoln County coastline DeesNewBike  Dolores picked up a new bike in Coos Bay
PortOxfordChocolate  Decadent chocolate after climb in Port Oxford ForestCottage  Redwoods forest cottage BikesInRedwoods  Bikes meet the majestic Redwoods Redwoods  The Redwoods...
AnchorBay17percent  17 percent grade at Anchor Bay AnchorBaySummit  Resting at the top of the climb OnToBigSur  On to Big Sur BixbyBridge  Bixby Bridge on Hwy 1
EmotionalFinale  Emotional final with friends who rode to meet Border2Border at Dana Point EpicAdventure  An Epic Adventure!