2015 Mt Baldy TOC

Start  Tony, Nigel, Karl, Ursula, Sean at 7am start WP 20150516 010  Waiting at turnoff from Mt Baldy Rd to Glendora Ridge Rd UrsulaAtIntersection WP 20150516 018  Making the turn onto Glendora Ridge
WP 20150516 020 WP 20150516 003  Tony waiting on Glendora Ridge WP 20150516 009  Descending Glendora Mtn UrsulaAgeGroupQOM  Ursula squashed the climb to the ski lifts as age group QOM and conqueror of her NCCC riding buddies
ColdAtTop  It was cold at the top StillShivering  Still shivering HelicopterOverSwitchbacks WP 20150516 023  Ursula and Nigel await the leaders 1.5 km from the top
MarkCavendish  Cavendish dogging it 1.5 km from the top, but still going fast. Cavendish  Cavendish just before the mountain top finish, conserving energy to beat the time limit TylerFarrar  Tyler Farrar on the final stage MtBaldyToGlendoraRidge  Video of NCCC group, except for speedster Nigel, at the turnoff to Glendora Ridge Rd at Mt Baldy Village south end. Video includes riders flying by at 15-20 mph uphill!
TOCnearTop  Video of leaders at the L'Etape viewing area, about 1.5 km from the top. Going fast as they approach the steep bit between 1km and 500m to go.