2021 - NCCC is back!

NCCC Obliteride group pict 081421  Paul Hoffmann organized a group for a cancer fundraiser via his employer Amazon AWS - Obliteride 2021. They rode 50 miles to support the cause. spokey dokey 1  A genuine ~40 year old Spokey Doke from former member Skip Davis. spokey dokey 2  Spokey Dokes slide up and down, making a funny sound when you ride. You can secure them to the nipple for a quieter ride :-) SunriseHwy Desert Overlook  Sunrise Hwy Desert Overlook - Sunday May 23
IMG 1116-2 edited-1  NCCC Board Mtg May 11, 2021. Back in the saddle again. MaskedMarvels  NCCC Masked Marvels Dana Gross and Kathy Yancey on the Sprinter from Oceanside to San Marcos after a Wednesday morning Clipper ride. NCCC Roadies Restart NCCC Roadie 2020-05-01
NCCC Sunday 2021-04-18  NCCC Sunday finally restarts April 18 NCCC Sunday 2021-04-18 restart