EOR - Eds Odyssey 2017

01 OcotilloPractice  Ed & Mike Borrego shakedown 02 GroupMeet  The starting lineup March 3rd Solana Beach 03 FebruaryPractice  Practice ride to Carlsbad w full kit 04 Rig 70lbs  My Fuji, all up weight 70 pounds
05 GregAdministersRites  Baptism after 177 mile day 06 ThreeLittlePigs  LA where the three little piggies lived 07 JustDriveThru  Beverage options in LA (Jack in the Box move over) 06.5 ChipsAndDaquiris  Chips and daquiris
08.5 AlabamaRumbleShoulder  Difficult for motorists to give required safe passing distance 08 RumbleStrips  AL bike lane (pathetic) 09 FloridaWelcome  Bubba (Pampered Campers) 10 AtlanticDip  Ed's success April 23, 2017, St Augustine Beach Fl
BooBooBackHome  I went for a short 30-mile ride on my road bike up HWY 101 a few days after I got home.  My touring bike does not have clip-in pedals; which would have been a real nuisance on the long trip. You guessed it. I took a spill and sprained my wrist.