Thursdays 2007

56bikepath00  Thursdays, Magee Park, 8:30 a.m. 56bikepath01  Dan(floro green jersey) greets riders at MaGee Park before start. About 12 riders left Carlsbad at 8:30. 56bikepath02  Hwy 101 and Carlsbad beach was lookin good, even if the fog hung around most of the day. 56bikepath03  Riders regroup at Swami's Beach and pick up several more riders. Lots of "bull" flying around here now.
56bikepath04  Swami's Beach is lookin good in this view South. Still overcast along the coast. 56bikepath05  Riders gather around Larrys new sleek ultra-lite white Pinarello. One sleek fast ride there! 56bikepath06  Bob Marley II often performs to his music at Swami's Beach. He has goodies to buy if you need it too! 56bikepath07  Ben(wearing classic NCCC Jersey) follows riders along Hwy. 56 bike path as it winds toward Poway.
56bikepath08  Dan and Sam lead riders up newly opened road northward off the bike path. 56bikepath09  Back in Carlsbad, even the fast seagull(left) couldn't escape my quick $10 VistaQuest Keychain camera! thursday.7.26 01  Larry shows us his nice new super light carbon Pinarello at Swami's Beach stop. thursday.7.26 02  Ben in retro club jersey doesn't look happy leading out Dale and Alan. Nothing a Tums won't fix!
thursday.7.26 03  Eric blows past a SDBC club rider climbing up the outside Torrey Pines hill. thursday.7.26 04  Joe looks relaxed riding up the Torrey Pines inside route. thursday.7.26 05  Tom, jersey open, looks like he's ready for some beach action! thursday.7.26 06  Dale was gassed last week, today he climbed like bird! What's in your bottles Dale?
thursday.7.26 07  Yes, Alan, you are going in the right direction for the Coffee Shop! thursday.7.26 08  Joe shows Larry and Tom what 16" of calf muscle should look like. Keep workin boys! thursday.7.26 09  Ahhh! LaJolla Cove looks real good about now. Time for a dip? 8.2.07thursday01  riders met at MaGee Park. Sam(l) explains the advantages of sew-up tires and how fast they are.
8.2.07thursday02  Sam has flat in San Onofre State Park. No problem, he carries a spare sew-up! Other riders continue on. 8.2.07thursday03  See guys, I changed that tire in record time. This spare sticks right to the rim. Now for some air..." 8.2.07thursday04  "Thanks for your brand new pump, Alan. Just a few more...OH NO, I broke the stem!" 8.2.07thursday05  Thanks to some sufer dudes who skipped work, Alan borrowed some pliers and Sam fixed it up in 40 minutes!
8.2.07thursday06  John and Sam relax at Dana Point. The big group had left with a broken spoke problem on one Univega. 8.2.07thursday07  Alan's watch shows 12:15. "I'm tired of pulling these guys all day, where is big Eric when you need him?" 8.2.07thursday08  Eric finally comes to the front, Alan, Sam and John on the Bike path heading back. However, by now we had a big tail wind! 09.06 0001  Joe preps up for the ride at MaGee Park riding his newer Lamond full carbon.
09.06 0002  William is anxious to start on his classic steel Univega. All he needs now is bottle holders! 09.06 0003  Joe checks his brakes to find the cause of why he feels "gassed" already. The brakes are OK. How about the legs? 09.06 0004  Alan(l), Tom listen to Alex tell the tale of how he sold his boat and bought a new carbon Trek after a breaking his wrist! 09.06 0005  Strong rider Andrea adjusts her Ray-Bans at Swamis Beach while listening to Sam tell some cycling whoppers!
09.06 0006  Sam(r) instructs Jeff on using a hand pump so he doesn't break the stem while inflating. Sam is an expert at this! 09.06 0007  Oops! Jeff tries another tube after breaking the stem on the first tube. Jeff had 3 flats in 30 minutes! Bad rim tape. 09.06 0008  Group rides up the Hwy 56 bike path looking to score some coffee and donuts soon! 09.06 0011  Andrea, Tom and Sam power up the bike path. Marine layer returns to the coast to make riding enjoyable again!
09.06 0013  l to r: Alan, Jim, Joe and Alex discuss if a double caffine will do Joe any good at refilling his tank today! 09.06 0014  Dale(l) dreams of watering grass, while Sam is still in shock by how Andrea blew by him on the bike path!