North County Cycle Club Routes


As a condition of access to the detailed bicycle route directions provided on this site, a visitor to this site must acknowledge and agree as follows:

  1. The routes may be dangerous and may involve risks and dangers that could result in serious bodily injury or death.
  2. Each cyclist is on his/her own to stay alert and evaluate whether any dangerous conditions exist, including ones that could be man-made and/or existing for short or long periods of time. These routes have not been reviewed to make any determination as to their current conditions.
  3. The publishers of these routes make no representations as to the routes'
    • Safety
    • Road, traffic, animal, or weather conditions
    • Level of difficulty
    • Availability of provisions or facilities
  4. All risks inherent in bicycling activities will be knowingly and voluntarily assumed by the person engaging in such activity, and all persons accessing the route directions from this site agree to release everyone involved in providing said route information from all liability whatsoever for any injury or death that might occur from bicycling along these routes.