2007 PTP Stage 1

P1000310 P1000357 P1000358 P1000359
P1000360 P1000361  So, what are we going to do with this Bike Friday on Sunday? P1000363 P1000364
P1000368 P1000371 P1000372 P1000374
P1000377 P1000378 P1000379 P1000380
P1000381 P1000382 P1000384 P1000385
P1000386 P1000387 P4290345  Excess participant proceeds from Stage 1 were gifted to TRS in the form of a Bike Friday tandem for Connie Hegey’s monthly ride program for cyclists with disabilities. after the ride 640  Dave White, his stoker Zane Hunker, Bianca's parents Miguel and Laura Samaniego, and Daniel Merino, another stoker
bianca on the bike 640  Bianca checks out the traffic on Broadway dave 640  Dave with Eric Williams (mechanic extraordinaire) and stoker Daniel Merino. dave and jorga-640  Dave Morton and stoker Jorga Morales crossed the finish line and rode into the War Memorial Building dave doing prep talk 640  Dave White giving last minute instructions to P2P riders
happy dave 640  Dave and his daughter Amy enjoying the fruits of his many hours of effort jeff and bianca 640  Jeff Levin with stoker Bianca Samaniego Charissa B-Day - P2P 073 Charissa B-Day - P2P 074 1
Charissa B-Day - P2P 085 DSC 0279 DSC 0282 DSC 0292
DSC 0296 DSC 0305 DSC 0306 DSC 0311
DSC 0326 DSC 0333 DSC 0334 DSC 0335
DSC 0341 DSC 0346 DSC 0348 DSC 0358
DSC 0370 DSC 0371 DSC 0375 DSC 0380
DSC 0381 DSC 0382 DSC 0383 DSC 0385
DSC 0386  According to Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Kathy Keehan, the BPP Pavilion is a direct result of Pedal to the Park.  PTP helps the Coalition advance its goals in education and advocacy in San Diego cycling. DSC 0387 DSC 0403 DSC 0406
DSC 0412 DSC 0417 DSC 0422 P1010001
P4290343 P4290347 P4290348 29087
29092 29095 29088 scoreboard  Padres recognize P2P - and prepare for Stage 2 in September
scoreboard 640