Dee - Ursula Dee, Stacy, Renee The Pain The End
NCCC-FerraraWinery RegularsSecreto2  Jeff's checking out the rest of the gang. IMG 1531 IMG 1532
IMG 1530 IMG 1527 IMG 1529 IMG 1526
Natchez underwater On the Trace Biking the Trace Cicada hitching a ride
Cypress Swamp Lake Pont. rapids Tornado Damage Cool Breeze 2011  NCCC makes another Cool Breeze appearance.
DSCF1244  Anthony - "easier than Pine Creek!" DSCF1245  Anthony Smith and Sewook DSCF1246  Fast guys at the top of Kitchen Creek re-group Sunday, Sep 25 - Nerius "9.5 out of 10" DSCF1247  The other Anthony (Scozzari)
DSCF1248  Aaron - on loan from Rancho's DSCF1249  Ursula - "piece of cake" DSCF1251  Tony rides too fast to get the front view. DSCF1252  Sean with irridescent green helmet and shades
DSCF1253  Diana's smiling at the top DSCF1254  Lyn stands for the camera DSCF1255  Isaac is saving it for Engineers Rd DSCF1256  Lilian climbed great all day
DSCF1257  Randy made it out to Pine Valley to do some climbing! DSCF1258  Burt - cool, calm, and collected DSCF1259  Steve and Frank made sure Evelyn's flat was fixed. DSCF1260  Evelyn and Frank at top of Kitchen Creek
DSCF1261  Most everyone - 20 riders DSCF1262  Desert overlook from Sunrise - Kitchen Creek/Engineers Rd ride 9/25/2011 LongRideSatDec10 BillTurek  A few of the usual long ride suspects. Dec26Recovery  Dec 26 recovery ride - OCRR to Oceanside Harbor led by Tony