2012 Tour of Californa

startInClaremont  Ursula, Wade, Jeff, and Stephanie start in Claremont Ursula Wade  Off to the race StephUrsulaWade  The ladies are ready for a hill climb. Wade not wanting to face the Mt. breakaway  The breakaway coming up the Shin Rd.
peleton  Look out... here comes the peloton ontoBaldyRd  Coming on to Mt Baldy Rd theyreHere  They're here garminBoys  Garmin boys pull the peloton
stephUrsula  NCCC fans lusting after the bike riders WadeClapping  NCCC fan lusting after the bikes... StephUrsulaClimb  Off the the top of Mt Baldy WadeStephClimb  Wade (has the pack now) and Steph
StephAtFinishLine  Steph at the finish line fourAtTop  Ursula, Steph, Wade, Jeff waiting at the finish gesinkFinalTurn  Robert Gesink from Rabobank in the final turn gesinkWins  Gesink wins the race and yellow jersey
ChrisHornerFinalTurn  Chris Horner in the final turn DavidZabriskieFinalTurn  Dave Zabriskie in the final turn ChrisHorner  Chris Horner doing his Wade imitation