2012 Sunrise - Pine Creek

CIMG4537  Climbing Sunrise from Pine Valley CIMG4538  Wade and Jay head up Sunrise CIMG4539  Still smiling ... for now CIMG4557  No bikes on store porch allowed (we're on the side)
CIMG4560  Wade - when does the climbing start? CIMG4561  Photographer Bill gets in a photo. lagunaStore  At the Mt Laguna store after Sunrise Hwy climb - Tony, Wade, Evelyn CIMG4553  Time to roll, you a.....es
CIMG4555  Desert overlook - Tony, Karl, Sewook, Jay, Wade, Evelyn, Diana, Larry, Nerius, Bill, Tre, KB borregoView  Hikers at the desert overlook. pacelineSR79  Paceline on SR79 - Nerius, Evelyn, ... startPineCreek  Start of Pine Creek - Wade, Tony, Bill
nobleCanyon  Getting out of the saddle at the Noble Canyon crossing CIMG4567  Pine Creek starts out nice and shady - Karl & Evelyn CIMG4568  This does get HARD, right? CIMG4573
CIMG4574 CIMG4577 CIMG4578 CIMG4571
evelynPineCreek  Evelyn attacks the first steep pitch steep22pt5  Twenty-two percent here. Low gears or walk! CIMG4594  Yes, I can! CIMG4582  The hand of God
CIMG4585 CIMG4586 CIMG4588 CIMG4590
CIMG4591 CIMG4593  You go right, I'll go left - Evelyn and Tony attacking CIMG4595  More steep bits... CIMG4592  Karl rounds last corner of 1st steep section - tree is in sight...
CIMG4589  Made the tree! Let's keep on moving. CIMG4599  Rolling along the ridge, but still going UP CIMG4602  Jay near the top of Pine Creek CIMG4604
CIMG4605 CIMG4606 CIMG4603  Sewook at top of last climb CIMG4607  Tre-top
CIMG4608  Jay at 6000 mtLagunaView  Mt Laguna view - getting ready for fiinal descent MtLagunaObservatory6000ft  Mt. Laguna observatory at 6000 feet.