Approved Ride Leaders

NCCC Ride Leaders are chosen based on experience with the club. There are two primary additional requirements:

  1. Certified completion of a Smart Cycling course. Courses are described and offered at:
  2. Approved by majority vote of NCCC Board of Directors

Current NCCC Ride Leaders

Sean Brennan
Ken Chin-Purcell    651-644-4091
Ursula Cunneen
Jeff Gross
Bill Heidler
Norval Lyon   760-420-5430
Steve Fox
Tony Jones
Darron Manley
Ken Okamura
Burt Reiff
Nigel Rodgers
Karl Rudnick
Frank Ryan   760-271-3725
Anthony Scozzari
Paul Sims
Marjorie Stine   760-716-3532
Daniel Upton
Beth Williams