Member Services

Services provided by NCCC members are listed here. Brief descriptions are provided to make you aware of fellow cyclists who offer services which may be useful to you, in your home or business. For more information on services provided, please follow up with each member via their contact information. If you wish to add your services to this list, follow the instructions at this NCCC Forum post.

Name Service Contact
Tony Mazzeo Landscape renovation, new landscaping, cleanups, tree service – Lic #626437
Tanya Turek The right Children’s Book can be a transformative experience. Parent, children’s bookseller for almost two decades and ardent reader of children’s literature helps kids start their reading journey on the right path and spark a life-long love of reading.
Diana Wennerstrom Gentle Heart Caregiving services provide practical care and comfort, fosters the individual’s independence and dignity, and supports a sense of home wherever he or she may be.