Burt’s 2018 Iceland, Canada, Maine Tour

Iceland had been on my bucket list for a long time. After my reading and planning up front, it was still chock full of surprises. One mistake was hauling camping equipment, an extra 15 pounds that I used for one night, not out of necessity, but because it was a mild night. Rooms, although not in abundance, were available, even in remote areas. The weather was as expected, and I experienced some outrageous winds. The scenery exceeded my expectations as did the farm animals. If you do not want to read this extensive blog, my one recommendation is to at least view the photos of Iceland.

I had a convenient direct flight from Iceland to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where my trip schedule became open-ended. I bicycled a loop around Nova Scotia, a quick spin across a portion of Prince Edward Island, up the east coast of New Brunswick, and into the Province of Quebec. I went around the Gaspe Peninsula, crossed the Saint Lawrence River and over to Saguenay. Then, south through Quebec City and continued along the Chaudiere River to Saint-Georges before heading for Maine and directly to Bangor to end my tour.

I cannot say enough good things about the people of Iceland and Canada. The scenery in Iceland is off the charts and Eastern Canada and Maine are special too. It was a wonderful bicycle tour of 106 days and 3,300 miles and over 1,300 photos and videos.

Click here for an Excel spreadsheet of where I was every day with a route and statistics;

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