Welcome Back!

Welcome back members, we are very pleased to report a successful re-start of our club activities with four active rides, two on Saturday, one on Sunday and one on Wednesday. We logged about 60 rides this week.

Thanks to Daniel Upton for volunteering as a Roadies ride leader; he will join Kenny leading these rides from next month. Two more members have volunteered to lead rides and will complete their certification training shortly. Tony Jones, Nigel Rogers, Anthony Scozzari and Ursula Cunneen will spell Karl when he disappears to northern parts. We are still looking for a ride leader(s) for the Saturday Long Riders.

The Board is planning a splendid Independence Day event actually on Saturday July 3rd. We can’t promise you “pomp and parade, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations” as per John Adams but a good bike ride followed by lunch is assured. It will be at an outside location, taking into account Covid risks, however slight. More news soon.

We have several new members; welcome to Melonee Levine, Pamela Watts, Marc Brown initially riding with the Clippers and Jim Littman and Joan-Marie Reker, with Roadies. Look out for these new members and give them a big welcome.

and a separate news item……

Board Meeting: May 11th. See calendar, Please contact Board secretary Kathy for location and access details if you plan to attend. Agenda here.